Seema has been practicing Yoga for over 15 years.  After 10+ years working behind a desk, Seema traveled around the world and found her heart and passion lies in Yoga. Being an avid soccer player and runner, Seema also suffers from arthritis in the knees. She found that Yoga is a wonderful low impact activity that helps reduce inflammation, pain and strengthening muscles with the natural weight of the body.

She wants to help individuals feel the benefits of Yoga in their own comfortable environment, so she travels to clients onsite. She provides Yoga lessons that match her clients unique body.


  • Certified Yoga instructor in Bali with Santosha Yoga with 233 training hours in 2014
  • Registered with the Global, Yoga Alliance
  • Attended Asheville's Yoga Fest in 2016 learning techniques from a wide range of Yoga instructors throughout the Carolina’s and learned medical benefits of yoga through studies conducted in Atlanta on cancer patients
  • Completed The Art of Assisting workshop to help carefully adjust your postures
  • Completed a workshop at the Asheville Yoga Center on Senior Yoga Teacher Training to focus on challenges Seniors face with the natural aging process and how to start with modified chair poses, as needed  
  • Continuously improving personal practice by attending a variety of classes and workshops in the Carolina's and Internationally
RYT 200 Yoga Alliance member

RYT 200 Yoga Alliance member